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Processing Tragedy – Resources for Families

Responding to Tragedy – Resources for Families **a re-post from something I sent out to the parents of our church when Newtown happened**   (This picture of Mr. Rogers was posted here on Huffington Post today) Dear Parent(s) & Guardian(s), I’m sure you have all heard the news of today’s unbelievable tragedy in Boston today. I don’t wish to burden you with more, but have come across a few resources I believe may.. Read More

Place Matters

Spaces are really important to me, because given some love and intentionality they become places. And places are where the kingdom of God happens. Each time I have transitioned to a new community of students, its been really important to me to feel like students are comfortable and at home in their meeting space, whatever that looks like. Or maybe its just me, and I can’t stand trying to talk about life or.. Read More

Youth Pastors are Pastors, Too

Some of the best pastors I know are youth pastors. This post is in honor of two of them, who have recently been offered youth ministry positions at local churches. We graduated from seminary together, and while I’m not sure they would have said their dream was to pastor students, they like teenagers and believe that students deserve good pastors, too. Youth ministry as a vocation gets downplayed a lot in the church… Read More

The Youth Collective Story

Youth Collective was the subject of my master’s thesis. I’m so thrilled that I was able to delve into something I’m so passionate about, and that has the potential to become a real and meaningful development in the world of youth ministry. As I was asked to reflect on where Youth Collective / my thesis came from, I wrote this: I hope I will always be a youth pastor. I think it is.. Read More